"Neumeraki" derives from the Latin word "neu," which means "new," and the Greek word "meraki" ("μεράκι"), which refers to the dedication, soul, and love you put into something, especially for work and in the arts. "Meraki" captures the essence of my work ethic and drive — my passion for the arts.

I have been working in the art world for over ten years. I am an independent curator, writer, editor, and consultant as well as the Operations Manager at RxArt in New York City. I have curated numerous exhibitions and contributed to Two Coats of Paint and On-Verge. Previously, I worked at Sperone Westwater and The Art Institute of Chicago in the Department of Contemporary Art, for which I authored essays in the Museum Studies publication, Film, Video, and New Media at The Art Institute of Chicago: with the Donna and Howard Stone Gift. I earned my MA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and BA from Syracuse University. 

- Eileen Jeng